Sapphire is a closed group specifically designed for LGBTIQ+ women who are employees of Pride in Diversity member organisations regardless of whether or not they are out at work.  This group is confidential and can only be accessed by the convenor of this group.  

Far fewer LGBTIQ+ woman are out at work than gay men, this is evident in the makeup of many LGBTIQ+ employee networks. We understand that LGBTIQ+ women have unique challenges to face within the workplace, tackling not only being a woman at work, but being a non-heterosexual or trans woman that may have to daily tackle the innuedo, stereotyping and negative connotations that this can entail.   You may be out and proud and wanting to mentor, offer advice. You may be out to some but wary of career impacts.  You may not be out at all. You are welcome.

The group has been set up to address the challenges faced by LGBTIQ+ women within the workforce.  It provides a safe forum for discussion and includes invitations to events, discussion groups and online forums.  This group will be instrumental in determining the boundaries of the group, how we can best promote inclusion within our workplaces, seek role models, be role models, offer ideas and support other women who may struggle with being themselves at work. To cover sensitivities around identification, we are not yet making this group available to people who do not identify as LGBTIQ+ women unless personally endorsed by someone within this group and an employee of a PID member organisation.  Personal endorsement should at this stage only be given if a member feels that this person is committed to LGBTIQ+ inclusion and in particular in seeing more out female role models. People who fall into this category should complete the form, identifying themselves as an ally, and providing the name of their sponsor. 

This group is managed by Nicki Elkin & Jessica Mayers, Relationship Managers, Pride in Diversity.  For more information on this group, please contact Nicki on 0439 220 039 or Jess on 0491 690 086.
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