HWEI Mailing list

The Health + Wellbeing Equality Index (HWEI) is the first and only benchmarking instrument specifically designed to assess the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people within the delivery of health, human and wellbeing services in Australia.

Participating in the index will allow Australian service providers to not only assess their own person centred delivery, but determine that which constitutes good practice, along with the ability to benchmark their own initiatives against an external measure and other sector organisations.

This year we are also introcudving two optional surveys, one for staff and one for service users/clients. These, along wiht the HWEI benchmaking index will provide your organisation with a 360 degree analysis of your current LGBTQ-inclusion work, its uptake by staff and its impact on your clients.

This E-newsletter will keep you up to date with key dates, reminders and tips for making the most of your HWEI submissions.

More inormation and the sign up form for the survey can be found here: PrideinHealth.com.au/survey and the index submission and evidence guide can be found here Prideinhealth.com.au/hwei


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